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Nicolás Zaffora

His first steps as a professional cutter were developed together with renowned Italian and Spanish tailors who had come to Argentina in the middle of the 20th century, in search of new horizons, after World War II in Europe.

However, his young and innovative spirit, his totally disruptive and creative vision, his stamp, style and personality encouraged him back in 2009 to create his own tailor shop at the Palacio Barolo. At the beginning of the new millennium the activity was relegated to a few tailors. Zaffora knew how to reinvent and maintain the tailoring tradition but providing his unique and renovating vision of it.

Nicolás Zaffora, alma mater of this new phase of the business in men's and women's fashion in Argentina, is who personally manages Zaffora's growing operations with international projection. Its headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an exclusive space of more than 250 m2 on 961 Arroyo street in the heart of iconic Recoleta district.

His frequent trips abroad and his remarkable participation in the most important men's fashion fair in the world, Pitti Uomo, held twice a year in Florence, Italy, have allowed him to perfect himself and become one of the most acclaimed tailors by the high society of Argentina and the Region.

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