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Bespoke Experience

The term Bespoke was coined on Savile Row, a renowned street in London where George Beau Brummell -the name of English fashion in the 19th century- rised the concept that embodied himself: the dandy. He was the one who organized the Tailors there and turned this street in a synonymous of Tailoring for the entire world. 

Since then, Bespoke has been synonymous of the distinction of totally handmade craft.


Our Bespoke experience is carried out exclusively by appointment and consists of 3/4 meetings in the tailor shop:

Total duration of the entire process is 45 to 60 days



Take of measurements. Image, design and fabrics advise for every garment.



First try of clothes after making of molds and cutting of fabrics. Corrections and adjustments are made according to fit, changes and preferences. 



Second try after the adjustments made to items as per first appointment definitions.



Third try. If no further adjustments are required the clothes are delivered. If there is still something to adjust, clothes will be delivered during next final delivery. 

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Attention by apointment only

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